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If you are new to Ron Paul and I met you out on the streets and you want more info please go straight to the Ron Paul videos section first. Thanks!

Welcome to Ron Paul Street Team! This site is here to help organize and educate people about Ron Paul. My goals are to get you informed and ready to be a a part of our army. Well educated supporters on the streets spreading the words of Dr. Ron Paul are the key to a successful presidential campaign.

TAKE ACTION: Hit the streets hard. Here's how you can do your part! You are very important!

Free Graphics: Use these to spread the word on myspace or your personal blogs! Ron Paul Graphics and HTML

Spread Videos: I have compiled them here to convert people to Ron Paul for you. Best Ron Paul Videos

Sticker Everything: Pretty obvious that if people keep seeing his name left and right they will look him up. Do your part

Register to Vote:

Register to Vote Ron Paul

This can be the most important thing you need to do!!!
If you met me on the streets then chances are you're in California. So we'll start with your information.
Use this link and remember we HAVE to register republican for the primaries. I know that is a terrible thing but if you are aware of Ron Paul, his policy and background you are very willing to commit this deed for the chance to save our nation.
Register Republican It is very easy to switch parties!

Fight Big Banks #Occupy

Leave your big bank and join a credit union as soon as possible. The movement is happening now. #Occupy Wall Street

Follow the link for more info on how easy it is and where your local credit unions are.
How to join a credit union.