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This page will educate you on Ron Paul's views, stances and beliefs. Give you talking points, ways to approach people and issues to talk about.

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Question How do I know Ron Paul's not just saying all that stuff like everyone else running for President?

Question What is Ron Paul's stance on abortion?

Question What about states like Alabama that would make it illegal while states like California would remain pro choice. How is that fair for the people who Live in Alabama?

Question Well Barack Obama wants to give everyone free healthcare just like Canada has!! What about Doctor Ron Paul?

Question How Does Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Feel about the WTO (World Trade Organization), NAFTA and CAFTA?

Question How does Ron Paul feel about The PATRIOT Act?

Ron Paul on The Issues

Where he stands on important issues. Official Site
Rights belong to individuals, not groups.
Property should be owned by people, not government.
The lives and actions of people are their own personal responsibility, not the government's.
Lowering taxes. never voted to raise taxes.
Demolishing the IRS? (NICE)
Closing Guantanamo Bay Prison.
Getting our people out of Iraq alive.
Believes the government should NOT have so much control.
Limiting the powers of the executive branch.
Giving people back the power.

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