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My Favorite Videos :

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It's time we take America back.

Below are a series of videos I found to be the best of the best!
They include videos attacking our Bush administration, funny videos, videos of them being hypocrites and using the propaganda machine to trick the American public and so on.

Funny Videos


Now are you ready for some serious business? Time to wake up! Spread this link far and wide!

The Lies

A great example for the future!

A Symphony of Lies

Y2K is the END!

Nike, gotta love em.

A Planed War with Iran?

Same tactics they used with the Iraq lies?

Keith Olbermann Special Comment


Why we should be afraid

Bush pardons HIMSELF for War Crimes

"Trust Us"

Music Videos

We're in a lot of trouble!

Do the Post 9/11 Dance! Look scared shake your ass

Hitler Rap

No Remorse Death Rap

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