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Stamp your money!

You guys can all do this, it's quick easy and fun! Stamp or write on your money. To buy cheap stamps go to VistaPrint. It's really easy and with the link below you can save money.

Save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint.

Ron Paul Stamp Dollar Bill Money

Wear a shirt!

Ron Paul ShirtPeople always ask me "Who is Ron Paul" just from wearing my shirts! It is a great conversation starter because it catches their attention and makes them ask. I have a bunch of awesome designs here.

Ron Paul Shirts

Register to vote NOW!

This can single handedly be the most important thing you do! It's awesome to love what Ron Paul is saying and want him to win but YOU have to take part in the Primary Elections coming up SOON. Many states have already closed voter registration.

Simply follow the link and register Republican to vote in the primaries.
If you're current party is Democrat or Independent it only takes a minute to switch parties. Now remember you only have to do this for the primaries and can switch right back afterwards.
All Other States
And feel free to use this banner on your site or myspace to remind people.

Register Republican Vote Ron paul
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Become a Delegate!

This is very important because even though we hold primary elections the GOP can decide to ignore all of our votes and ask their delegates who they want to win the states vote! Yes we live in a system that makes you think you have the illusion to choose but in the long run you loose. So follow this link and find out about becoming a delegate in your state. It is uber important.
Become a delegate in your state This is pretty important or he will go no where and that would be terrible.
Contact your state Tell them why you support Ron Paul and encourage them to support Ron Paul too. You did vote them in.

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Join a Meetup!

If you want a chance to meet with tons of like minded people like me and you all working for one goal. Then join your local meetup group! We have thousands nation wide with all Ron Paul supporters out doing their thing to ensure a safe country for all of us.

If you met me on the streets then you should join our local group here! Lots of good peoples working together.

The San Francisco Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group!

Or if you are from ANYWHERE else in the nation you can find your local meetup group here! Awesome!

Donate to Ron Paul.

This is a graph of the last 3 days in comparison. Contribute today and help beat yesterday. Get more people involved and making contributions to the campaign! We live in a country where we have to buy our way into the system. Sad but true.

Bumper Stickers!

One of the easiest things to do is put a bumper sticker on your car!


Be SURE to get a Bumper Sticker! This is step 1 and very easy!

Wear your Ron Paul Gear! I suggest these shirts here and everyone will ask "Who is Ron Paul?" so you get to tell them and hand them a card! Best way to advertise!

Always wear your Ron Paul buttons!!! Keep a sign in your home or apartment window and front yard. You are the best billboard there can be. If you wear it, they will ask.

Hand out cards!