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This page is an archive compiled of News articles related to Presidential Candidate Ron Paul!
I will showcase the good and the bad, people need to know what the attacks are in order to properly educate others on the media lies.

If you have any ideas please contact me with information regarding your ideas.

We shall work together on this!

Ron Paul Mainstream NEWS Articles Ron Paul's Iowa dreams becoming real. People powering the Paul phenomenon. Ron Paul the Howard Dean of '08?

Wall street Journal Ron Paul fund raising DOUBLED in quarter.

CNN monitoring the election candidates fundraising collections. I do consider this to be false numbers but here they are.

MSNBC is rude to Ron Paul supporters!

ABC Ron Paul running strong in Cyberspace.

MSNBC Ron Paul Paul is huge on Web. (they deleted it!)

Washington Post Ron Paul huge on the web.

Yahoo Ron Paul internet celebrity?

MSNBC Noticing Ron Paul.

CNN Ron Paul's 9/11 explanation deserves a debate.

FOXNEWS Ron Paul has a point.

MSNBC Excluded Ron Paul from having a profile.

Ron Paul Favorable Articles

FreeRepublic Key California Republican Group Endorses Ron Paul

Pajamas Media has finally added Ron Paul back to their polls after removing him for winning every week. Why did they add him back if they are such biased pigs? Because their web site traffic died when they removed him! I guess they didn't know all of their users are Ron Paul supporters?

USA Election Polls Ron Paul movement growing rapidly.


CNBC Removes Poll and calls us hackers!

Australia These guys sure are out of the loop. Us real Americans DO exist.

NFL Systems The smart money is on Ron Paul for President 2008.

Attacks on our freedom

CNN one small win against Bush's attacks on American Citizens rights to a fair trial.

CommonDreams Have we seen the last combat injury in Iraq?