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I took all of these Ron Paul pictures. Ok not all of them, I did not take the two with me in them! The two videos were courtersy of the San Francisco Ron Paul Meetup.

SF Love Parade Pics:

Check it out! I had a few different friends with their crews and floats at San Francisco Love Parade this year and they are all for Ron Paul so I got one of them to let me hang a banner on the front of the Float for thousands to see!!!!
Thank You homie! (Primitive Science aka ChrisTheJunglist!)
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Ron Paul San Francisco Pics:

Awesome turnout, great success and one amazing march for freedom! You gotta check out the pictures I took. I want to see this all over America! Marches for Ron Paul, Walks for Ron Paul and just any kind of outings for Ron Paul. And yes that first one is me and Ron Paul.
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Ron Paul Overnight Pics:

Awesome idea with many participants, great success. Below is a picture I took of my friends hanging our banners on a VERY traveled overpass here in the East Bay (Berkeley).
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