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Ron Paul Polls:

I am going to compile a list of major news outlet polls here for you to view presidential election statistics and even vote for a presidential candidate if you have not done so yet.
Please send me links to polls you wish to see on here. For now I just have the mainstream Election 2008 debate polls. More to come.

And of course the most important polls are these Straw Polls that real voters go down and register and vote in all over the country. Check how well Congressman Paul is doing here! HE is winning! He has a chance and is taking it very well and striving for the finish line. Beat that nay sayers! Real proof.

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How is Ron Paul's web site traffic doing?

The answer is simply better then everyone else's! Even the "top tier" canidates Mitt Romeny and Barrack Obama. He sure us raising a ruckus on Google the worlds number one search provider! He simply rules. A lot of concerned people out there. =)

What party were you?

Taking over the Republican Party
Were you already registered Republican?
Yes, I was.
No, Democrat that switched over.
No, other that switched over.
No, never registered until now.

Switch your party here so that you can vote for Ron Paul.
It is VERY important that we all vote in the primaries.
SWITCH NOW! Thanks =)
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Register to Vote:

This can be the most important thing you need to do!!!
If you met me on the streets then chances are you're in California. So we'll start with your information.
Use this link and remember we HAVE to register republican for the primaries. I know that is a terrible thing but if you are aware of Ron Paul, his policy and background you are very willing to commit this evil deed for the chance to save our nation.
Register to vote for Ron paul