Ron Paul Videos

Ron Paul Videos:

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It's time we take America back.

Do NOT let the Main stream media decide who our next president is going to be. This is a FREE COUNTRY and we have minds of our own. Just because THEY say he has no chance doesn't mean it's true. It's what they brainwash you to think because they are SCARED. Special interest are losing control.

This first video demonstrates the power of the Ron Paul message, the power of truth and freedom. It is a great summary meant to kick start you on his ideas and views. You can find out more by watching the other videos below. The next two are amazing as well and even more informative.

Land of the Free!

A New Hope

A Revolution going on

p.s. He never said "abolish the CIA"

It's happening

His Views

In this video you will again see what an amazing necessary message he has. He is our once in a lifetime choice if we want to survive as a nation of liberty, freedom and dreams. Save this place for yourselves and your children. Vote Ron Paul!

Next watch this excellent video that shows we will NOT listen to mainstream media telling us that freedom does not have a chance! It shows he DOES have a chance and needs our support to save America from the manipulating war machine.

One Minute for Freedom

The Military Loves Ron Paul

Ron Paul's First Action as President

Now go and do your part! Don't be part of a failing machine. Register Republican at the link in the banner below to vote in the primaries!

December 16th is near!

America is listening!

Ron Paul Movie

Wake Up America

I want a President

Ron Paul Videos

Debate Videos

More Info View Debate Videos

Here you can catch all the debate video summaries in one spot!

Response To Rudy Giuliani and Fox news attacks

More Info View Attack Videos

They sure hate him but they can't phase him. He does not budge in his stances and has solid backings and facts that they simply can't deny.

Ron Paul on other talk shows

More Info View Other Talk Shows

Including John Stewart's Daily Show and the Colbert Report! Also Bill Maher and more!

Ron Paul in mainstream news

More Info View Mainstream Media Videos
You know FOX, MSNBC, CNN and such.

Ron Paul gets people talking

More Info View What People have to say
Freedom is a strong message you know.

Music videos

More Info View Awesome Music Videos

Official Ron Paul Commercials

More Info Official campaign commercials
These are the official campaign Radio and TV commercials running in select states.

Supporter made Ron Paul Commercials

More Info User made campaign commercials
These are the unofficial campaign Radio and TV commercials put together by supporters of Ron paul. Every day people like you and me that firmly believe in the freedom message.

More videos

More Info View More Ron Paul Videos

All of the videos made on this site were made by us "Ron Paulites". They dub us crazy and dumb yet we are America. We are the ones of this generation. We build the websites and edit the videos. We program and code and work high tech jobs. We the working class, true Americans shall prevail.

Thank you for taking the time to watch all of these videos and informing yourselves about what is going on and what we can do about it! We the people shall prevail! Be a part of it.

Also be sure to check out "My Favorites" for some quality stuff.

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